International Kidney Stone Institute (IKSI)

International Kidney Stone Institute (IKSI) This not-for-profit organization headed by James Lingeman, M.D., and Andrew Evan, Ph.D., focuses on kidney stone prevention and treatment research. The IKSI web site contains

Rare Kidney Stone Consortium

Rare Kidney Stone Consortium The Consortium facilitates cooperative exchange of information and resources among investigators, clinicians, and patients, and researchers in order to improve care and outcomes for patients with

Association for Research and Information on Cystinurie (ARIC)

Association for Research and Information on Cystinurie (ARIC) Based in France, this organization promotes European research and information related to Cystinuria. The ARIC is supported by a scientific committee with

Cystinuria Support Network (CSN)

Cystinuria Support Network (CSN) The CSN is a support-based corporation maintained by Sue Holden that hosts a large network of patients and family members. The CSN also hosts disease-related information