Cystone Study Concluded

Cystone (Himalaya Herbal Healthcare)

Today the results of a four year effort to test the potential effect of an herbal supplement on cystine stone burden were published in the Journal of Urological Research. The study, led by Dr. Stephen Erickson at the Mayo Clinic, evaluated the use of Cystone®, an herbal treatment that had been implicated in a case study in the reduction of stone formation. The results were reported to be negative, with neither a change in urinary composition nor a decrease in stone burden observed in patients receiving Cystone®. While the authors state that “A longer term study with more patients would be necessary to have power to definitively detect changes in stone events or enhanced stone passage”, they conclude that “Nevertheless, this short-term trial failed to find evidence that Cystone® decreases kidney stone burden in recurrent cystine stone formers, which might dampen enthusiasm for further study.”

The full article is available via Urological Research.