Be Fashionable & Brave: Bravelets Jewelry Supports the ICF

bravelets mayaAs a parent of two young ladies with cystinuria, I never feel like I do enough. I know, I make appointments, talk to the doctor, sit in the ER, wait for them to come out of the OR, but it just didn’t seem like enough, especially when I think about how much money some of the other diseases have for research and awareness. They have television, newspaper and magazine ads – that is if they are a well-known disease.

What about our small group, the one people don’t know about – how do we raise money? I started exploring fund raisers. Traditional fundraisers that we have all purchased products from just won’t work – we are too spread out, all over the world in fact. Then I came across Bravelets, a family-owned business committed to giving back. Nonprofit organizations receive a donation equal to 10% of each purchase from Bravelets. It was simple. I would give it a try.

The Austin, Texas-based company offers jewelry tailored to a specific cause and designed to symbolize hope, strength and courage during the most difficult times. I registered the International Cystinuria Foundation, researched the color scheme for our specialized bracelets and necklaces (green for kidney disease awareness), and it was done. I was committed to seeing this work.

Each piece of jewelry costs between $25 to $42, and with each purchase, Bravelets donates $10 directly to the ICF to help support our organization’s mission. Within the past year, we have raised $310. It may be a drop in the bucket (pun intended), but it’s a start.

I am always looking for ideas or products that contribute to the ICF.  I hope sales continue and the world becomes accustomed to hearing “I have cystinuria, let me tell you about it.”

To learn more about the ICF Bravelets, visit and search “cystinuria.”

-Gayle Sweeney


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